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Traditional Chinese Medicine for Vitiligo

traditional Chinese medicine for vitiligoUse traditional Chinese medicine to vitiligo vitiligo have great effect. Why traditional Chinese medicine have great effect to treat vitiligo? We should learn from vitiligo pathology and mechanism in traditional Chinese medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine holds that a series of vitiligo symptoms are not isolated, they are interrelated with each other and the specific reaction of internal organs, main and collateral channels, Qi and blood biological functions disorder. Although vitiligo is show on the skin, it actually originated from the inside.

Traditional Chinese medicine have research about vitiligo from ancient time. Ancient doctor have knowledge about vitiligo from the wind evil fighting cause the disorder of Qi and blood, holds that the vitiligo pathology are the six outside evils incoming, seven emotions stimulating lead to qi-movement disturbance, the disorder of qi and blood and disorder of internal organs. Modern western medicine think vitiligo pathology closely related with wind, hot, kidney and lung; besides, dry, damp, heart, liver, qi depression, sputum, deficiency of vital energy and so on are related to vitiligo pathology and mechanism.

(1)Outside wind and hot attack:

In traditional Chinese medicine, vitiligo caused by evil wind attack skin, disorder of qi and blood, lung wind flow into the skin long lingered caused. Modern physicians holds that wind evil attack skin and fine hairs, The lung which loses its descending and clearing functions that cause the skin and hairs can not nurtured by qi and blood cause the skin and hair become white formed white patches. Spring and summer have mind and hot evil, fall and winter infected by cold-evil, and this symptom lingered on the body will trigger disease in the spring and summer when Yang qi arise. The symptom of wind-heat and pathogenic factors always in the vitiligo initial stage, the vitiligo patients not only have symptom of wind-heat but also feel itching. If it was delayed or therapeutic error or the body insufficient anti-pathogenic energy will cause the vitiligo number increased, area extend and chosure of pores.

(2)Heat evil change stem:

Vitiligo is lung and viscera hot, the wind evil take advantage of it, the wind and hot together flow into the muscle and longer on there caused vitiligo. Some traditional Chinese medicine classic holds that the vitiligo cause by heart sweat and take a bath when drunk, swing the fan when the pores open, the wind take advantage of it and enter the skin. They holds on that the vitiligo occurrence caused by heart fire.

(3)Deficiency of kidney and liver:

Deficiency of kidney and liver congenital or postnatal or deficiency of blood, long time disease, indulged in sex and emotions, hot-evil long time linger, long time consume liver and kidney yang qi that caused vitiligo.

All this can proved that the traditional Chinese medicine think the vitiligo is closely related to the disorder of internal organs, qi and blood, metabolism, if you want to get rid of vitiligo, you must treat from these aspects. Our hospital treat vitiligo based on this theory combine traditional Chinese medicine with western medicine, use multi dimensions systematic way to treat vitiligo and cured many vitiligo patients from all over the world. We are a specialized vitiligo hospital only treat one disease with long time clinical experience worth to rely on.


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