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Vitiligo Patients Can Smoke

Tobacco refers to cigarette, pipe tobacco and others, smoke refers to living body inhale the smoke released by the flaming tobacco. According to research, there are more than 40 cancerogenic substances contained in tobacco and it will release many harmful substances for our body and bring nothing but harm to our body closely related to many human diseases.

The tobacco flaming there are many cancerogenic substances contains in smoke can influence body fiber protein synthesis and cellular deform ability, make platelet adhesiveness and aggregation strengthen; nicotine stimulate peripheral nerve to release catecholamine and other active substances can injure vascular endothelial cell spasm the vessels, enhance the neutrophil chemotaxis, release the oxide and acute the inflammatory increase body’s coagulation material and urge the formation of thrombus that cause the the blood flow volume increased in microvessle lead to micro circulation obstacle and with the time you smoke, the blood vessel tortuous and expand gradually increased in stratum papillare dermidista; the phenol and other radioactive substances in the smoke have toxic effect to immune cells will reduce body’s resistance; the benzol on the smoke oil have great effect to urge cells divide and generate can make the horn form cells over generate and function abnormal.

Moreover, after smoke will stimulate body produce prostaglandin and other biological active substances, the phosphokinase activity in the smoker’s blood serum will increased will influence melanin cells and horn form cells from different ways cause or intense the etiology change. So smoke is harmful for the vitiligo patients.

Vitiligo is disease related polygenic inheritance, single environment risk or risky gene may can not make the onset of the vitiligo, but any other newly found predisposing factor will have positive meaning to the prevention and treatment of vitiligo. Compare with those expensive medicine with side effects with different degree only can relief the disease temporary, any external risky factor effective control at least provide the possible ways to prevent the onset and worsen of the disease in part of the susceptible population.

So if it is possible, try to give up smoking.


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