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Is There A Cure For Vitiligo Skin Disease

Vitiligo is a condition which white patches appears on the skin due to the loss of melanin in the skin cells that are responsible for giving color to the skin. Melanin which produced by special cells called the melanocytes, is destroyed or in less quantity in people who have Vitiligo. Vitiligo causes symmetrical patches on the skin with dark or red boundarys. It can affect either of the gender and can occur in people from all races, but they are more common in women than men. The commonly affected areas are more

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After many years of clinical research, Beijing CASU Vitiligo hospital together with state council special allowance experts group found that the real causes of vitiligo is the blood of SOD activity factor(superoxide dismutase), which remove anion free radicals rapidly and efficiently, leading to abnormal immune function, tyrosinase activity and melanin cell antibodies, the loss of trace element such as copper zinc and ion, dash forward show of genetic susceptibility of vitiligo. So there occur the apoptosis of melanin cell, disorder of melanin synthesis secretion , triggering vitiligo which can't be cured for long time, and repeated attacks.

Through SOD blood 6 + 1 remove white technology can quickly activate the SOD (superoxide dismutase) activity factor, remove anion free radicals rapidly and efficiently, rebuild the damaged immune system, eliminate melanin cell antibodies, improve the activity of tyrosinase, and improve the absorption of trace elements copper, zinc and ion. Then the skin recovers normal metabolic function previous color, white patches disappear, which is a fundamental treatment of vitiligo and inhibition of vitiligo's recurrence.

One strategy:SOD blood 6 + 1 removing white patches technology

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Vitiligo, a common skin disorder caused by gradual lightening of patches of the skin cannot be fully understood without a visual appreciation of this disease. The vitiligo pictures and images shown below help someone to be able to easily identify a Vitiligo sufferer.

Vitiligo is a skin disorder that does not choose its sufferer and from the images below you can see that Vitiligo sufferers are from all regions of the world, all skin types and all ages. You will also notice from these images that the areas of skin with Vitiligo are the same texture as the normal skin with the exception of their lighter coloring.

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