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Inverse psoriasis

Inverse psoriasis may be thought as a hidden psoriasis, which also include the common psoriatic symptoms of red and itching skin. But is also different with the normal type of psoriasis and with its own features. It usually occurs in the patients skin folds.

Inverse psoriasis Causes

There are many triggers that can trigger the onset and worsen the psoriasis.

1. Gene

Some of the psoriasis patients with family history, and that patients group should take care early and do comprehensive physical tests early.

2. Immune Disorder

They patients with a low immune system. Psoriasis is a immune disorder that is overact to the invaders as well as attack the self-tissues by mistake.

3. Injury and Infection

You may have a injury history and the injury areas that with the risk to get psoriasis. Infection can also cause psoriasis.

4, Stimulation or Sun Light

You may used some make-up products that cause allergy of skin. The further development can occur psoriasis. Some patients with a history of sun over exposure.


Inverse Psoriasis Symptoms

The symptoms with the common signs of psoriasis as well as the characteristics of this type.

1.It is with red and itching skin, but the skin is with smooth patch and inflamed condition. The patients are usually the overweight people. The friction and sweating can worsen psoriasis of this type.

2.The rash doesn't appear on the exposed areas of your body skin, which can produce debilitating pain and itching.

3.It appears as a red rash that is tender, but it lacks the standard psoriasis scales.

4. Because of the special attack areas of the folds and bends areas, so when you do activities that will cause great trouble for your daily movement.

5. The attack areas are normally the armpits, groin, under the breasts, under the buttocks, and in folds around the genitals. Sometimes the painful rashes can be found in the deep skin folds that along the waist, stomach and thighs. Perspiration and friction, hard to avoid in these areas of the body, only let the condition worse.


Who Have Inverse Psoriasis

Inverse psoriasis usually occurs in about 2%-6% of those with psoriasis, which is more bothersome and more common in people who are overweight.

There is no absolute relation of psoriasis and obesity. But there is study shows that the extra pounds can't the the cause of psoriasis onset, but the extra weight worsen the severity of psoriasis.


Treatments for Inverse Psoriasis

The common treatments of psoriasis is the cream and tablets that is cheap and easy to get and intake, but normally that can't have a long term effects, so that is only a temporary effect to ease the condition. Once you stop using it, the condition will get worse than before.

UV light to treat inverse psoriasis.The usage of ultraviolet B type light is also helpful. Psoriasis patients need undress and stand in a light box. That is believed to slow the growth of psoriasis skin cells.

There is a combined treatment of western medicine as well as Chinese treatment as well as medicine. The TCM is not to treat the skin lesion of symptoms, but it is to adjust the body as well as treat the underneath skin causes and to remove the blood toxin. So there is a treatment called 360 degree removing toxin treatments for psoriasis.

It is system treatment for psoriasis, the Chinese treatment as well as the Chinese herb medicine that can have longer time effect and without side effects compared to the western medicine.


Living Inverse Psoriasis

The professional psoriasis treatments are significant, but the daily life should also pay enough attention, then the effects can last more longer. And there are also many good habits as well as prevention we should know about.

We can also know about more common medical knowledge of psoriasis, and then we can live a easy life.

And normally the psoriasis will get wore when the winter comes. The cold and dry weather is not good for psoriasis. Psoriasis is a immune disorder. So we should do some sports to increase the immune system, and we can lose weight through sports. The patients of inverse psoriasis are usually fat, but obesity is not good for psoriasis development, so we can also control our diets to keep health.

If you still have any problems, you can send your own problems to or you can also consult our online doctor for help. We can give you some professional advice based on your own condition and causes.

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