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Diet Care After Onset Of Vitiligo

As we all known a fact that after the inducing of vitiligo disease, patients need to do a good job of care for the treatment of vitiligo has a good supporting role, especially diet care. how to do diet care after onset of vitiligo ? Experts...[ Read More ]

Diet Induced triggers Of Vitiligo

As we all known that there are various triggers which can induce the vitiligo, amoung these factors, the diet is very important. So here are the diet induced factors : 1, excessive intake of vitamin C : vitamin C is reducing agent involved...[ Read More ]

Diet Induced Factors Of Vitiligo

As we all known that diet factor plays a very improtant roles in treating vitiligo. But people are easily get confused about daily diet, such as : which food should they pay special attention to it and what are the food taboos of vitiligo,...[ Read More ]

Diet Of Section Type Of Vitiligo

What is the diet of Section type of vitiligo and what does section typeof vitiligo patients need to pay attention to ? There are a lot of patients with vitiligo are consulting the problem. There are many types of vitiligo, segmental skin vi...[ Read More ]

What Vegetables Can Vitiligo Patient Eat

As we all know, the treatment of any disease, dietary taboos are very important, and the course of treatment of vitiligo is also one of them, diet taboo is most important, what to eat ,what shouldnt eat we should understand, so for the reha...[ Read More ]

Daily Diet Of Facial Vitiligo

After suffering from vitiligo, patients not only need to actively cooperate with the doctors scientific treatment, they also need to do their own daily caring, comprehensive care, the treatment of vitiligo! In vitiligo care, diet is essenti...[ Read More ]

How To Keep A Reasonable Vitiligo Diet

As we all know that humans daily life can not be separated from the diet, a reasonable diet will cause some diseases. For example, vitiligo, vitiligo is a common disease in our lives, the unreasonable diet is likely to cause vitiligo. Vitil...[ Read More ]

Diet Of Generalized Type Of Female Vitiligo

As we all known that Vitiligo is a common stubborn skin disease, which seriously affected the appearance of the patients, it brings a lot of trouble to the patients, the female generalized type of vitiligo is one of the common tyoe of vitil...[ Read More ]

Food Taboos Of Generalized Type Of Vitiligo

Generalized type of vitiligo, is actually a clinical classification of vitiligo, the biggest feature is the white patches area, it can spread throughout the entire body, it accounted for more than 50% of skin area, patients with generalized...[ Read More ]

Food Therapy Approaches Of Vitiligo

vitiligo, although its not itchy or painful in superficial, but it seriously affect the appearance of patients , diet, food therapy, namely under the guidance of the theory of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) select the food, through cert...[ Read More ]

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  • Jin zuyu - Psoriasis Doctor

    Liu yuntao - Vitiligo Doctor

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    More than 30 years, he devoted himself to clinical research on vitiligo with TCM, and put forward his safe treatment basis to the treatment of three...

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  • Li Dengfang - Vitiligo Doctor

    Li congyou - Vitiligo Doctor

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    Graduated from Clinical Medicine of Chengde Medical College, she ever further studied in Peking Union Medical...

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  • Wang yong - Vitiligo Doctor

    Zheng Huaguo - Vitiligo Doctor

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    He has been specialized in research of skin disease and pigment disorders for more than 30 years...

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