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4 Foods Good For Vitiligo Patients

Vitiligo often appear on the face, neck and other obvious parts, seriously damage the patients appearance. No one want to be ignored or laughed by others because of vitiligo. In this article, Id like to introduce 4 foods good for vitiligo p...[ Read More ]

4 Foods Good For The Patients With Vitiligo On Chest

Vitiligo on chest is a relatively common skin disease. We already find out it is a depigmentation skin disease. Vitiligo on chest characterized by the pigment loss in the chest. The main feature of vitiligo on chest is white spots appear in...[ Read More ]

4 Diet Restrictions For Vitiligo Patients

Once mentioned about vitiligo, I believe everyone will familiar with it. The vitiligo seriously damaged our appearance. So when we have the symptoms of vitiligo, we need to treat it optimistically. But at the same time we can not ignore the...[ Read More ]

Diet Attentions for Children Vitiligo Patients

Vitiligo is a very stubborn and chronic skin disease, this disease with longer treatment course and quite difficult to treat. The treatment is quite critical for children vitiligo patients. Good diet habits is also essential for children vi...[ Read More ]

3 Diet Restrictions for Facial Vitiligo Patients

Vitiligo on face is a skin pigment lost skin disease, facial vitiligo patients need to control their diet in which ways? In the following part, Id like to mainly divided it into three diet restrictions. 1. Avoid over intake vitamin C. Vitam...[ Read More ]

Does Vitiligo Patients Can Eat Chocolate

Chocolate not only with sweet flavor, silky smooth texture, it also a way to declare ones love which popular among young people. Nowadays the chocolate also can afford by the normal people. We all know vitiligo patients have many diet restr...[ Read More ]

Why Vitiligo Patients Should Control the Intake of Vitamin C

Why vitiligo patients can not intake too much vitamin C? We all know vitamin C is a nutrition component of our body, but in clinical treatment process, many vitiligo specialists will suggest the vitiligo patients control the intake of vitam...[ Read More ]

Diet Restrictions For Vitiligo

Food is the paramount necessity of the people, if the food lovers have vitiligo, they need to have diet restrictions. Vitiligo is a common skin disease, it can spread to the whole body, seriously damage their appearance. In this article, Id...[ Read More ]

Diet Therapy For Vitiligo

The tendency of vitiligo patients number are rising in recent years, there are more and more patients with vitiligo. For any vitiligo patients, it is necessary for them to receive treatment in timely, during their treatment period, they als...[ Read More ]

Diet Attentions And Nursing Plans For Vitiligo

Vitiligo is a common skin disease, it is very stubborn. The course of vitiligo treatment is longer. The daily diet and nursing for vitiligo patients is very important just as important as the treatment. Proper diet and good nursing plans ca...[ Read More ]

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  • Jin zuyu - Psoriasis Doctor

    Liu yuntao - Vitiligo Doctor

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    More than 30 years, he devoted himself to clinical research on vitiligo with TCM, and put forward his safe treatment basis to the treatment of three...

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  • Li Dengfang - Vitiligo Doctor

    Li congyou - Vitiligo Doctor

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    Graduated from Clinical Medicine of Chengde Medical College, she ever further studied in Peking Union Medical...

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  • Wang yong - Vitiligo Doctor

    Zheng Huaguo - Vitiligo Doctor

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    He has been specialized in research of skin disease and pigment disorders for more than 30 years...

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