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How to Identify Psoriasis in Early Stage

Psoriasis is a kind of disease which mainly has skin lesion. If you want to find the disease in early stage, you should be concerned about your skin to find the abnormal early. Especially if your family have psoriasis patients, you should p...[ Read More ]

Treatments for Scalp Psoriasis

S calp psoriasis is an inflammatory disease occurs on the scalp. This type of disease produce excessive scale with a sense of itching. If the condition is severe, the loss of scalp hair can lose, while the hair will return once the illness...[ Read More ]

What are the Advantages of the Combined Therapy of TCM and Western Medicine for Psoriasis

Nowadays, the combined therapy of TCM and Western medicine is a important direction of psoriasis treatments. They both have their feathers and advantages which combined properly can appear a effective achievements. The western medicine have...[ Read More ]

How to Cooperate the Psoriasis Treatments of Doctor

A fter the appointment with the doctor and getting some medicine, then how to listen to the doctors advice to get effective treatments. Firstly, patients should understand the provision from doctor and the usage of medicine such as, the tim...[ Read More ]

How to Use Avi A to Cure Psoriasis

Avi A is the second generation Avi A acid drug, also named acitretin, is a kind better drug to cure middle level serious psoriasis. It can curb the hyperplasia of cuticle cells, adjust the epidermal keratinocyte differentiation, the combina...[ Read More ]

What Side Effects May Caused by Cyclosporine

A ny kind of medicine has double sides, the positive and negative side. Of course, the medicine should has a treatments effects for the patients. And the sides effects we should try to avoid and decrease is to the least as far as possible....[ Read More ]

The Usage Principles of Psoriasis Internal Used Drugs

Psoriasis is a kind disease which cant be cured completely by now. The purpose of the usage of drugs is to control the acute disease development, decrease the patients reccurrence rate and prolong the attack internals. So when we choose the...[ Read More ]

The Skin Biopsy and External Drugs for Psoriasis Patients

Generally, the features of psoriasis are obviously, so the doctors can make a diagnosis form these rashes symptoms. But the expressions usually differ from the individuals which are not that typical this increase the difficulty of the tests...[ Read More ]

The Prognosis of Psoriasis

It is one of the most care questions of patients. The majority of psoriasis patients have the condition of recurrence of the disease, some of them only appear a couple times which belongs to the cure case. Of course, it is what all the pate...[ Read More ]

If I Get Psoriasis, How to Do

Psoriasis has become a common disease, if we get the disease, how to do? Firstly , what you should do is to adjust you life attitude without a negative mind to complain the unfair, but be brave and believe you can defeat it. It isnt a incur...[ Read More ]

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