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What Are The Symptoms Of Psoriatic Arthritis

When it comes to the Psoriatic arthritis, it is actually also known as arthritis psoriatica, and arthropathic psoriasis or psoriatic arthropath. It is a type of inflammatory arthritis which can develop in up to 30 percent of people who have...[ Read More ]

What Are The Severe Complications Of Psoriatic Psoriasis

This type of psoriasis can be company other issues within the joints and skin, which can be infected and need antibiotic treatments. The patients joints may become destroyed, functionless and deformed. But those complications can also be av...[ Read More ]

Pustular Psoriasis: Attack Parts And Complications

It is a uncommon type of psoriasis, which may occur in generalized pustular psoriasis with widespread patches. Attack parts The attack parts can occur in smaller parts on your hands feet or fingertips. The condition can develop quickly, the...[ Read More ]

The Attack Parts Of Psoriasis

Based on the different attack parts, there are different types of psoriasis. In normal cases, there are the skin symptoms. But it can also attack any parts of the patients. Now we talk about the some parts it can be triggered. Joint This ty...[ Read More ]

The Symptoms And Treatments For Plaque Psoriasis

Psoriasis has many types, and there are different symptoms of different types. The common symptoms are the red rashes on the surface of skin and covered with silver scales. There may have a strong feeling of itching. The plaque type is a re...[ Read More ]

Guttate Psoriasis: Patients And Symptoms

As the second most common type of psoriasis, it is about 10% of the psoriasis patients develop into this type of psoriasis. Whats more worse, this type of psoriasis trigger the children, so our parents should pay enough attention to the rel...[ Read More ]

What Are The Hazards Of Psoriatic Arthritis

This type of psoriasis mainly attacks the joints of the patients. The severe condition is that the patients may cant move for the disease. The occur age is 40-60 years normally, and the skin symptoms occur before the arthritis. The hazard o...[ Read More ]

What Is Nail Psoriasis

As we all known that there are various types of psoriasis right now, but among there kinds of psoriasis, there are a special psoriasis called nail psoriasis. When it comes to the nail psoriasis, it often occurs peoples nails.If people notic...[ Read More ]

What Is The Diaper Psoriasis

As we all known that, when it comes to the types of the psoriasis, there are various types.But there is one type psoriasis called diaper pasoriasis, it also named as baby psoriasis, it is a special psoriasis which occurs mostly on the 8mont...[ Read More ]

Psoriasis: Diagnosis And Prognosis

Psoriasis is a skin condition with itchy and red rashes covered with silver scales on the surface of skin. It can attack the knees, elbow scalp and any parts of your body. It is related with other severe disease, such as heart disease, diab...[ Read More ]

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