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Will Psoriasis Infects the Others

This is a high frequency problem which patients may consult a doctor, it is also a problem many people concern about, such as the patient, family members and even the other social people. Many patients with psoriasis are so afraid of the in...[ Read More ]

The Stages of Usual Type Psoriasis

According to the disease process, the disease can be divided into three stages: the active stage, the still stage, and the recession stage. These three stages can circulate to increase the disease condition or repeat occur. The active stage...[ Read More ]

The Matters Need Attention When the Psoriasis Patients Have a Bath

Through a reasonable bath can not only clean your body, but also improve the disease condition effectively to shorten the therapy time. We advice you can take a shower once per day and there are some problems you should pay attention. Gener...[ Read More ]

What Harms Will Psoriasis Bring to Patients

The harms of psoriasis mainly include : 1, It can lead to malnutrition. Psoriasis can cause a lot of skin desquamation. If patients get the disease for many years who cant be cured or have expanded the majority of body, the patient may get...[ Read More ]

Will Psoriasis Be Passed on to the Next Generation

One of the important factors of pathogenesis of psoriasis is gene, and psoriasis do have the feature of heredity to be passed on to next generation. However, psoriasis is different from the other diseases, such as albinism, color blindness,...[ Read More ]

Common Types of Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a kind of common skin disease, which can be caused by many factors in our daily life, so we should pay attention to the occur in usual for the majority of people don t know about it very well. Now, we will to recognize the comm...[ Read More ]

Why Psoriasis Will Occur the Desquamation Symptom

The serious desquamation symptom of psoriasis is related to pathology features. The normal epidermal include basal layer, spinous layer, granular layer, transparent layer, and stratum corneum five layers. The stratum corneum is the outermos...[ Read More ]

What are the Symptoms of Inverse Psoriasis

Inverse psoriasis is kind of usual psoriasis which the disease attack parts are very special. Generally, the attack parts of the disease are usually on the the arms and legs , the scalp skin, and the back. But the inverse psoriasis usually...[ Read More ]

What are the Symptoms of Guttate Psoriasis

The guttate psoriasis is also named punctate psoriasis, which is a common usual type psoriasis with skin lesions, the sizes of red maculopapules like a rice grains or mung bean which can spread all parts of the body, especially the trunk an...[ Read More ]

Which Stage of Age is Inclined to Get Psoriasis

Psoriasis can occur in all stages of age , no matter a new birth baby or the old who all have the chance to get this disease. In the clinic work, there a baby psoriasis patient who just given birth one month ago. There is also a old psorias...[ Read More ]

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