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The Foods You Shouldn’t Eat For Psoriasis Patients

The diets cant be a permanent therapy to treat psoriasis, but you should prevent some kinds of foods which can worsen your condition. Coffee has caffeine which can be addictive for most of us. But if you have the habit of it, youd better ge...[ Read More ]

The Diets For You, The Scalp Psoriasis Patients

The psoriasis patients should supplement enough nutrition for the scale condition lose lots of the necessary nutrition. So the psoriasis patients can supplement protein, vitamins and trance elements in your diets. You can drink 1 to 2 bags...[ Read More ]

Why You Should Avoid Coffee For Psoriasis Patients

Psoriasis is a kind of common chronic skin disorder. The drink of coffee has be a daily necessary drink,especially for the western people. Generally it isnt a severe disease, while it can make great influence on the appearance and communica...[ Read More ]

Why You Can’t Consume Alcohol With Psoriasis

Your doctor must have told you to avoid alcohol and other prevention, while what are the reasons for that? There are some side effects of the intake of alcohol, including: 1.Flares of psoriasis. Many clinical cases show that there occur fla...[ Read More ]

Carrot For Psoriasis Patients

Proper diets can play an important role for improving the psoriasis condition. The green and nutritious vegetables is of great significance. Now we will introduce carrots nutrition and function for the psoriasis. When carotene enter the hum...[ Read More ]

Four Kinds of Fruits For Psoriasis Patients

Our doctors always advice us to have more fruit to improve the condition of patients, for the fruit enrich lots of vitamins, which have some degree relation with psoriasis. Then what are the proper fruit for psoriasis patients? Kiwi This ki...[ Read More ]

Healthy Foods for Psoriasis Patients

P soriasis patients should choose the proper and healthy foods, which can be beneficial for the patients condition and the improvement of immunity. The healthy foods mainly include grains,carrots and squash, some kinds of fishes, lean meats...[ Read More ]

How Should Psoriasis Patients Take Their Dierts

Many patients are confused on this problem of diet, for some doctor said beef, mutton, seafood, garlic and other foods are forbidden, some other doctors said that there is no note of diet, and the friends and family members may have differe...[ Read More ]

Can Psoriasis Patients Drink Wine

Wine as an important element of Chinese tradition, there is a comment no wine no dinner, which has influence on every parts of Chinese daily life. With a small amount of wine, it can resist the chill and strong the body. But with a over amo...[ Read More ]

Can Psoriasis Patients Have Sports

Some of the psoriasis patients take the disease as a serious type, so they should have good rest at home, avoiding a couple activities. Even some the others think the sports are harmful for psoriasis for there is obvious effects after a per...[ Read More ]

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