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The Integrative Psoriatic Therapy

The Integrative Psoriatic Therapy,PsoriasisIf you have the psoriasis for long time, you will find that it is a chronic disease. And in the firstly stage, you may have use some of the simple natural treatments or creams.

But the effects are not that long term and obvious. So here we advice you a system treatments. The integrative treatments of TCM as well as western treatments are good for you.

The different types of treatments with different feature. But that all are to treat psoriasis. In China, the TCM is widely used to treat all types of diseases. It can also be used treat psoriasis. The western treatments of laser treatment, cream and tables are common.

The Chinese herb medication, five elements, medical steam are applied to treat psoriasis. All the treatments can be applied in a system to treat the one disease. There are many good cases get positive effects.

Our Chinese doctors treat the disease to detox with 360 degree removing toxin treatments. So the doctors should figure out the real cause firstly, so they need make the basic tests of blood and Skin CT tests.

Some of the patients may have psoriasis as well as the side effects. So the doctor need know about the medical treatment plan as well as the medication. And is there any medicine will be allergic for the patients.

After the common knowledge of psoriasis, the doctor will use the TCM treatments, the most common is the five elements bathe therapy which takes 20 minutes to enjoy the bath. Your skin will absorb the medicine. Another common treatment in our hospital is the medical steam therapy. The high degree of medical steam will let you feel hot too much. But the effects are good. The medicine is the Chinese herb medicine, but the herb has been in steam form, so it is a comprehensive absorption.

The western laser treatments and creams can stimulate skin and with anti-immune and anti-inflammation functions. The theory is to remove blood toxin. So it is a long term and fast treatment to treat blood. Normally 3 days there will show obvious effects.

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