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Can Vitamin Cure Psoriasis

Can Vitamin Cure Psoriasis,PsoriasisPsoriasis is a chronic skin disorder, which can last decades years. But the condition even get worse than before. And the treatments seems all short time effect. There are also diet therapy, home remedy and even natural therapy.

The most obvious symptoms of psoriasis is the itching skin with red rashes or white plaques covered with silvery scales. When you remove the scales there is a fine film. And once you scratch off the film there is the dot-bleeding condition.

To ease such condition, you can use some coconut oil to ease the dry skin. Some of our patients said the effects are good. And they also use the plastic film to cover the leg, arm or feet when they have used that cream on their skin lesions.

About the diets therapy, there are many cautions the patients should take care. And there are also some foods you can eat more then the condition can get improved greatly.

You can eat more vitamin C from vegetables mainly from fruits. Like apple, orange and lemons. And there will show some positive signs. You can drink the fruits juice make up from fresh orange, apple and even lemon. Some doctors told their patients to drink apple and lemon juice per day. It do have the good results, but it can cure it or not?

We should know the theory. The normal people take 28 days to rebuilt the new skin layer that we can see by our eyes. But we can see the psoriasis patients only take few days there occur many silver scales that is the not mature skin cells which take 3-8 days only and it is too short period of time compared to the normal people. The not mature skin cells will off skin and pilled up the skin surface firstly.

The speed is fast of the skin formation and in the process it takes many water, vitamin, trance element, protein and other elements. So we can supplement such nutrition to keep the process. And that is why the skin is dry, itching and scaly for the fast speed formation.

From this theory that we can know that to supplement vitamin C can only ease the condition, but it can’t cure psoriasis. If you still have any psoriasis problems, you can send to or you can also consult our online doctor for help.


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