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Common TCM for Psoriasis Treatments

Common TCM for Psoriasis Treatments,PsoriasisWhat is TCM

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a kin of medicine which comes from China, and it is a type of herbal medicine. It is with thousands of years in China to treat all kind of disease. Psoriasis is also treated by TCM. TCM is not tablet or pill.

Where TCM come from

From the name we can know that it is a kind of Chinese medication, and it quit common in China which also is introduced to the other countries as a safe medicine and health supplement measure.

The Chinese herb medicine materials are form nature, the medical plants or animals. So it is not chemical compound. Some of the medical materials themselves are the food materials in our daily life.

How to intake

The western medication usually is tablets. But the Chinese herb medicine is totally different from the western medicine. And it is to used to treat psoriasis as well s the other disease with medical soup that is made up from different type of natural herbs. The flavor is biter, so some of the patients don’t want to drink for the flavor that is not delicious. But the common knowledge tells us that the bitter medicine with positive and effective effects usually.

Types of TCM

The Chinese treatments is not only the TCM, the medicine. There are also some of the treatments you may don’t know.

The common traditional Chinese treatments include:

1. Cupping

2. Acupuncture and moxibustion

3. Oral Chinese herb medicine

4. Five elements bath therapy

The Chinese herb medicine belongs to the medication. In our hospital we use oral Chinese herb medicine, five elements bath therapy, and Chinese medical steam to treat psoriasis.

Effects of TCM

Chinese medical theory is that the symptoms show on skin, the causes are in blood, while the disease root is in internal organs. Under this theory that TCM is not to treat the local skin lesions of psoriasis, but to adjust the body and remove blood, internal organs toxin. In Chinese opinion all causes that can lead to psoriasis are called as blood toxin. So the target is to remove the underneath blood toxin.

There is a thing you should know about that the medication is safe and without side effects. It takes a longer time to show the longer treatment effect.

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