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Combined Psoriatic Treatments of TCM as Well as Western treatment

Combined Psoriatic Treatments of TCM as Well as Western treatment,PsoriasisThere are many types of psoriasis, and different types of psoriasis show different symptoms and attack areas. And the there are 3 stages of psoriasis, and the still stage of psoriasis as well as the different stage of psoriasis show different symptoms.

So we need pay attention to the different types and stages of psoriasis. The treatments for psoriasis for psoriasis can be divided into western and Chinese treatments in China. And the western treatments’ cream and anti-immune, anti- inflammation are fast. But the disadvantage is that is a short time effects.

But the Chinese treatments with the long term effects and that can prevent the recurrence of psoriasis but the effects takes a long time to show. So we advice the more intake Chinese herb medicine instead of Cream as well as the pills.

But the emergency condition need a fast effect. So we can take the two types of treatment to show a fast effect as well as prevent the recurrence.

In Chinese treatments opinion that the symptoms of skin need to figure out the real cause underneath skin. So we should treat the real cause with a system treatment to remove the cause as well as prevent the recurrence of the disease.

And the combine treatment is to remove the blood toxin, the Chinese medicine have the good effect but take long time. Then the modern medical facility can take the fast effect under the Chinese treatment theory.

So in Beijing Meidi Skin Disease Hospital, we take the detox treatment to treat from the real cause and root underneath skin. Then the symptoms on skin can disappear by itself. The local skin need the system treatment to remove.

The treatments can be divided into external as well as the internal treatments. The laser treatment is to stimulate skin to stop the process, but the real cause still in blood, blood vessels and deep side of internal organs. The symptoms as well as the blood toxin and inflammatory factors, toxic proteins are easy to be removed, but the deep side toxin and wake immune system as well as the organs disorder are not easy to rebuilt.

So we should remove the deep side toxin as well as to use treatments as well as medicine to prevent the reoccur of the toxin. Then the five element bath therapy can to detox as well as adjust the immune system. Any problems you can send to or you can also consult our online doctor directly.


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