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The Differences Of Western Medicine And TCM For Psoriasis

The Differences Of Western Medicine And TCM For Psoriasis,PsoriasisThere are many skin diseases, some symptoms may show similar, but we should figure out the real disease, then we can give the right and accurate treatments bases on the real cause. Psoriasis is a common skin problem, which is itching and chronic that give lots sorrow and pain to the patients. The medication is the most common therapy for psoriasis. Now we talk about two types of medicine of western medicine as well as the TCM.

Western Medicine

Compared to the herb medicine, the western medicine without a long history, but it shows a necessary role in the modern medical field. The emergency condition need a fast and effective effects, the western medicine can show that effects.

Now we know about the types of psoriasis western medicine. The glucocorticoid, tar preparation, cream and hormone medicine are common for psoriasis.

The effects are obvious, but the disadvantage is that the effect is short time, once you stop using it, the condition can get even more worse.

The TCM For Psoriasis

The TCM is a traditional Chinese Medicine, so we should treat the patients with herb medicine to use the bathe therapy, oral herb medicine and so on. The medical materials are from nature. So the medicine is safe and without side effect. But it takes a long time to show the effect, in the same time the effects are also long time effects.

The bath therapy need boil the herb medicine into soup, then pour into the bath water. So your skin sinks into the water can absorb the medicine as well as avoid the side effect of oral medicine.

The herb medicine are common in China, and we can use it to adjust body, increase immune system as well as prevent the recurrence.

No matter the western medicine or TCM herb medicine, which all have the advantages as well as the disadvantages. The best medication is the combined medication of western medicine as well as the TCM herb medicine. Then the effects can be fast as well as long term.

The skin problem of psoriasis is a chronic disease, we should have the mind to fight with the disease. And if you still have any problems of psoriasis, you can send to our doctor or you can consult our online doctors directly for a professional solution and advice.


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