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The Long Term Treatments For Psoriasis

The Long Term Treatments For Psoriasis,PsoriasisMost treatments and medicine have effects on psoriasis, but the problem is that the effect is temporary, and later the condition occur again, even the condition get more worse than than before.

We should know about the causes of psoriasis. There are many triggers that can worsen psoriasis and trigger the onset of psoriasis, such as pressure, injury, infection, environment, weather change, immune disorder, secretion and metabolism disorder and gene. Such causes are comm and we are easy to avoid in our daily life.

There are also the theory of blood toxin. The symptoms show on skin, but the real causes are underneath skin, the blood toxin, the toxin absorbed on blood vessels, the toxic protein in the gap of blood cells. But why there are blood toxin in blood? The blood toxin is produced by the internal organs and in the deep side of internal organs.

The detox treatments to remove the toxin (inflammatory factors and toxic protein and anion radicals) that can exist many places. The blood, blood vessels and internal organs, and the deep side of internal organs (liver and kidney mainly). The normal detox treatments can remove the blood and internal organs toxin, but the comprehensive treatment need remove the blood and internal organs toxin and the toxin absorbed on the blood vessels and toxic protein and anion radical between blood cell and the deep side of internal organs. So the detox treatment can only remove the parts of blood toxin, there are still toxin in body. If we can remove the toxin that is difficult to remove,then the effects will be more good and effects will last longer.

The long term treatments should remove the toxin in body comprehensively. The treatments to remove the toxin, and the Chinese herb medicine to prevent the recurrence of blood toxin, toxic protein and inflammatory factors, then the risk of recurrence of psoriasis can also be decreased greatly.

The cream and normal medication can’t last a long term effect, so we need treat from the real cause then the treatments effects will also last long time. If you still have any problems abut psoriasis, you can send them to or you can also consult our online doctor directly, hope we can give you a more professional solution. And we are a professional skin disease hospital, only treat skin disease, hoping we can help you and ease the pain and sorrow a degree.


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