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Natural Remedy for Psoriatic Itching and Scaly Condition

Natural Remedy for Psoriatic Itching and Scaly Condition,PsoriasisThe itching skin is common so bad. And it is the most patients care about. Then we talk about the skin itching and scales.

The epidermis is the skin we can see by our eyes. And the normal people need 28 days to form a new layer of epidermis, there are five layers within your skin. And the skin cells turn mature, and fall off from your skin after 28 days. But we know that psoriasis patients show a loose and soft silvery scales those are the not mature skin cells. So the not mature skin calls only need 3-7 days show the scales. And in the same time, there company with itching condition on your skin lesions.

What’s more, the skin is dry. In the formation of new epidermis, it needs lots water, protein and vitamins. So some doctors give the patients some vitamins, then the skin lesions also get better.

Form this aspect, we can also take the proper amount of protein to enrich the lack of protein. So the beans and bean products are good for psoriasis patients. And the whole grain foods are good for psoriasis patients too.

About water, you can drink more water, and you can also take daily bath to ease the itching and dry skin. And the bath water with 32-37 degree is proper, then your scales can be softened. The dry and scaly condition both can get improved obviously.

No matter the itching condition or the scales that all caused by the real causes in blood underneath the skin lesions. The root is in body, so if we want a comprehensive effect and prevent the recurrence of the scales, we need treat from the real cause.

There are some natural remedies to ease the condition. The tar bath and mineral bath are possible and benefit for psoriasis. The oil is also common for psoriasis. The coconut oil, lemon juice are treated as the natural therapies for psoriasis.

If you still have any psoriasis problems, you can send to or you can also consult our online doctor for your condition. And we are a professional skin disease hospital, and we have the professional knowledge for psoriasis. The psoriasis is a common skin disease, if we give professional treatment and pay attention to triggers, there will show good effects, even without recurrence for years.


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