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Psoriasis Treatment by Chinese Medicine

Psoriasis Treatment by Chinese Medicine,PsoriasisThe medication for psoriasis. We can also use the Chinese medicine. With a long history of thousands years, Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) has formed a unique system to make diagnosis and cure illness. The TCM aspect is fundamentally different from the Western medicine. In TCM understanding of the human body which bases on the holistic understanding of the universe as described in Daoism, and the treatment is based on the diagnosis and syndromes differentiation.

Evaluation of syndrome should not only includes psoriasis cause, mechanism, location, and the nature of psoriasis disease, but it should also need the confrontation between the pathogenic factors and psoriasis patients body resistance.

Treatments are not based only on the psoriasis symptoms, but also the differentiation of syndromes. Therefore, patients with an identical disease can be treated in different ways. And on the other hand, different patients may result in the same symptoms and that are treated in different ways.

The clinical diagnosis and treatments in TCM are mainly based on the theories of yin-yang and five elements. Such theories can apply the phenomena and laws of nature to the study of the physiological conditions and pathological change of the psoriasis patients human body and its interrelationships.

There are many types of Chinese treatments, and the medication is the Chinese Herb medicine. That is from the medical plants and the animals. So it is safe and from the nature. And different from the western medicine. The Chinese herb medicine need be boiled into soup to drink and normally it is biter to drink and it can’t show the effect so soon as the cream and pills from western medicine.

But the advantage of Chinese herb medicine is that can adjust your immune system. And it is without side effects compared to the cream and pills that is to stop the process of skin lesions formation. And the effects are fast, but long time usage, your body will show the drug resistance and that will not be that effective than before.

The Chinese diagnosis is special to the western tests, which can throw watch, smell, ask, and touch to figure out the real cause of your psoriasis. And Chinese doctor with rich experience, they don’t need the tests which may beyond your thought and imagine. If you still have psoriasis problem or you want to know about herb medicine, you can send us email to or you can consult the online doctor.


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