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Nursing Care For Psoriasis

Nursing Care For Psoriasis,PsoriasisThe skin show the itchy rashes covered with silvery scales. We all know that psoriasis is a chronic disease, and the disease can last long period of time and it can also get worse caused by many triggers in daily life. So we advice the treatments from the underneath the skin. The symptoms on skin are easy to remove, but the disease is to be cured from the root is hard. And normally, we only treatments the skin symptoms.

1. First of all, we should avoid infection. The kids get psoriasis usually come from infection. So infection is a big problem for our psoriasis, and you may get injury, you should have deal with the wound to get rid of further infection.

2. The epidermis has five layers, the most outside layer that we can see by eye is cuticle. The normal formation of cuticle is 28 days, but the psoriasis disease lets epidermis overact then it is shortened to 3-7 days, then the scales will pilled on the surfaces of skin, which are loose and easy to fall off by hands scratching. The epidermis needs too much nutrition materials to sustain the process of the not mature cuticle.

So in this process, the demand of vitamins are increase, so some of the doctors also give the patients some vitamins, such as vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin E to ease your skin lesion and them do have a effect.

3. And we know it is a auto-immune disorder, so we should also adjust the immune system to fight with disease. So we can exercise to reach such purpose.The mild sports like walking, jogging and swimming all are good for you.

4. From the diets aspect, you should also take care, there are many foods that are mot suit for psoriasis patients. The vegetables and fruits are good and it can be a good diets instead of the much meat, oily, spicy and sweat foods.

5. There is the Chinese herb medicine. The herb medicine is a professional medication to treat the skin problem, but the cream and tablets are only the short time effects. So we advice use too much cream and pills.

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