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Is Lemon Good For Psoriasis

Is Lemon Good For Psoriasis,PsoriasisThe psoriasis patients should eat more fruits and have the healthy life habits, then the condition will also get better. Lemon is a fruit rich of vitamin C.

And we may know that the patients should eat more vitamin fruits, but do you know the reason of it? The epidermis has five layers, the most outside we can see by our eyes that is the cuticle. The normal formation of cuticle needs 28 days, but the disease let epidermis overact then the formation is shortened to 3-7 days, then the scales will pilled on the surfaces of skin, and the scales are loose and easy to fall off by your hand scratching. The epidermis need too much nutrition materials to sustain the process of the not mature cuticle. So in the process, the demand of vitamins are increase, so some of the patients also give the patients some vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin E to ease your skin lesions and do have a obvious effects.

The lemon is rich of vitamin C, it will also have a favor for you, so you can drink lemon water. The vitamin can ease the skin lesions of local skin that is loss lots water, protein and vitamin, but loss or lack vitamin is not the cause of psoriasis onset. Instead of the cause of psoriasis, we can treat loss or lack of vitamin as a symptom of psoriasis.

The symptoms can be improved by it, but it is not a comprehensive and professional treatments for your disease. The symptoms of psoriasis show on skin, but the real cause is underneath the skin, and the immune system disorder and overact to the self tissue, we should treat the psoriasis disease from this aspect.

Only we adjust the disorder of your immune system, and then the symptoms will be stopped. And the prevention of the disease will also have work from the cause, but not from the symptoms.

You may think psoriasis is only a small disease, but you may don’t know that psoriasis is with 30% heredity rate. And there are many types of psoriasis, some severe type of psoriasis can greatly influence your life even threaten your life like the erythrodermic psoriasis. If you still have any psoriasis problems, please send to or you can consult our online doctors.


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