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Face Psoriasis: Symptoms, Causes And Treatments

Face Psoriasis: Symptoms, Causes And Treatments,PsoriasisPsoriasis is a chronic skin disorder with scaling and inflammation skin that can show on virtually any part of patients body. Facial psoriasis is psoriasis that occurs on the skin of the face. This ares is particularly problematic as suffers are very self-conscious about the disease. It is much more common in children than the adults with skin lesions around the eyes and mouth common.


1 Attacks of skin rash symptoms on face skin

2 Small red patches these slowly expand and become scaly

3 Red plaque

4 Silvery scalesthat may be dry or greasy

5 Skin pain


There are some of the causes, you may have know about or don’t know. The causes can be divided into outside and inside triggers.

The outside causes like pressure, working and study environment, stay up too late and some chemical makeups on face that all can stimulate the face skin.

The inside causes are the immune disorder and gene. The immune system is overactive than the normal people. There is a family history of psoriasis and other kind of skin problems. Those conditions all have a risk to develop face psoriasis.

If you love drink and smoking heavily, the risk of psoriasis is also bigger than the normal people.


There is a kind of treatment called 360 degree removing toxin treatments for psoriasis in China, Beijing Meidi Skin Disease Hospital, which is a system of treatments to remove the blood toxin from the cause. And we need figure out the real cause of the disease.

It is not the simple cream and pills, the medicine is the Chinese herb medicine, the treatment is the Chinese treatments combined with western treatments. So the cream is comm, but the system of treatments are to treat the inside cause of your body, but not the skin surface symptoms.

Because it is a combined treatment from the blood cause and root, so the effects show fast in 3 days. And it is with the advantages without side effects and it is safe for the Chinese herb medicine as well as the traditional Chinese treatments.
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