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Chinese Medicine Instead Of Cream And Pills For Psoriasis

Chinese Medicine Instead Of Cream And Pills For Psoriasis,PsoriasisPsoriasis patients usually use cream and pills to ease the skin lesions. And that is the common treatment for the patients, but you should know that some of the cream and pills have side effects from the long time aspect. So we advice the patient use less cream and pills.

In China, we use the TCM instead of the too much cream and pills. The Chinese medicine as well as the western medicine and treatments will have a more good effect.

The Chinese medicine has many advantages that doesn’t have side effects compared to western medicine. The TCM is the traditional Chinese medicine, which is a kind of herb medicine. So it is not the hormone type.

And to consume is also different from the normal medicine. And it is a little complex because it need to let the herb medicines for psoriasis be boiled into deep color soup, and it is bitter to drink sometimes. And this medicine need the patients to drink instead of wiping on patients skin. And it can also be used as a kind of medical bath, it is not the simple tar bath and other bathes, which is the bath poured with the medicine to treat the psoriasis in the bath water. The effective contents of medicine can be absorbed by the skin directly, which won’t go through oral intake. The oral medicine can only be absorbed partly by your body, and mostly it is digested and the oral medicine has the side effects to live and kidney long time. But the skin bath can absorb enough medicine contents, and adjust the immune system. So we know the spy can keep the people health lifestyle. The theory of medical bath and spy is same.

But the Chinese herb medicine takes a period of time to show the effect. The effect is to remove the psoriasis blood inflammatory factors that are the cause of the disease and trigger the psoriasis occurs again and again.

So we need to remove the blood cause, but we normally only use treatments on skin to control and ease the condition. If you have any psoriasis problems, you can send to or you can talk with our online doctors directly. We are a professional skin disease hospital, and we only treat the skin problems, so psoriasis is a common skin disorder.


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