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360 Degree Detox Treatments For Psoriasis

360 Degree Detox Treatments For Psoriasis,PsoriasisIn China, it is common to treat psoriasis with TCM, the Chinese Treatments and herb medicine. And the symptoms show with skin lesions, but the causes are in blood inflammatory factors. So we treat to detox and adjust the body to increase your immune system to fight with the psoriasis disease.

And the treatments is called 360 degree removing toxin treatment that is to remove the skin, blood as well as the internal organs toxin.


High energy NM tank

Firstly, the high-energy NM tank to used to dissolve and ablate the toxic proteases which is adsorbed in psoriasis patients blood vessel wall as well as the blood poisoning groups in the cells.

O3 pure blood toxin

The 03 is also applied in the therapies to purify patient blood then excrete the toxin from body, which gets a purpose of detoxification from the psoriasis source.

V3T pure the internal organs toxin

V3T will pure the toxin of internal organs. The man-machine dialogue method is adopted that is fast and efficient to promote the whole body drugs effects through navel and 12 meridians to internal organs and block stubborn toxin in deep sides of organs. With the bidirectional modulation immune effect which reduces drug dosage and clears the psoriasis body meridians.

MRA blood microcirculation

MRA blood microcirculation Increases blood circulation, amplify drug action and speed up medicine absorption efficiency. Dual effects include decomposition scaly lesions and repair tissues. Promoting the production of new skin tissue, skin lesions will be improved greatly, then the symptoms will quickly disappear.

Five elements medical bath

That is not enough, the oral Chinese herb medicine and the medical bath as well as the laser treatment are also used in the treatments. The medical bath is the bath water contain the herb medicine. We usually drink the medicine through mouth, but we can also use the skin to absorb the medicine, that is more fast and safe.


3 days can show obvious effect, but we need the patients take 2 weeks treatments. And after the two weeks treatments, you will take one month herb medicine to prevent the recurrence of the disease.

After two weeks the skin can turn normal, and it is long term effects. If you want the good condition keep longer, you should pay attention to the diets and trigger. Two weeks treatment, everyday have 2-3 professional treatments, not the simple cream and pills. But we also use the laser treatment and the cream.

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