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A System Psoriasis Treatments Of TCM And Western Therapy

A System Psoriasis Treatments Of TCM And Western Therapy,PsoriasisThe treatments for psoriasis are many. You may have tried some of the treatments like cream, medication, injection and even surgery. But it is only one of couple treatments, there are a system treatments of traditional Chinese treatments as well as the western treatments.

Before the treatments, it is meaningful to have the tests to know about your recent condition and figure out your disease causes. And we also need know what kinds of the treatments your have used, and the medical history and the if there is a family history of the psoriasis.

There is a system treatments called 360 degree removing toxin treatments for psoriasis. And in China, there is the ancient Chinese medicine and the western treatments. The western treatments with the modern medical facility and medicine, such as the high-energy NM tank, O3 and the medication. The Chinese medicine is the herb medicine and the medical bath. The Chinese medicine theory is to remove the blood toxin. We can use the herb medicine to remove the blood toxin and adjust the immune system and so on.

Beside the herb medicine to remove the blood toxin, we also apply the high- energy NM tank to dissolve and ablate the toxic proteases which adsorbed in patient’s blood vessel wall as well as the blood poisoning group in the blood cells can also ablated by the high-energy NM tank. Compared to the Chinese herb medicine, the modern facility are more fast to pure the blood toxin.

The O3 is also a important step to pure the blood directly. The treatments to remove blood toxin. This the detox treatment from Chinese medicine and the modern treatment. The Chinese herb medicine can not only be drunk, but it can be uses as a bath therapy. The herb medicine is made into very small contents, then boiled in the bath water, so it can be absorbed by the skin directly and in the process, you will sweat to discharge the metabolism waste products.

The detox treatments are based on the Chinese theory, the symptoms show on the skin, but the causes are in blood, and it is related the body immune system, so we need adjust the body.

What’s more, the western treatments and medication should be more familiar for you, such as the laser treatments, cream and injection. We also use such kinds of treatments to assistant the psoriasis treatments. The system of 360 degree removing treatments are not a simple Chinese medicine or treatments, nor only the western treatments. It is a combined treatment to treat the recent symptoms and prevent the recurrence of the future. From the name of 360 degree removing treatments for psoriasis, we can know the key point is to remove the blood toxin, in modern treatment’s opinion that is the inflammatory factors.

When the inflammatory factors are removed, the symptoms will disappear by itself. And the effects are fast to show only need 3 days from the blood aspect. If you still have the relative problem about psoriasis, you can send your problem to, or you can consult our online doctor hope we can give you a professional solution.


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