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Beijing Meidi Psoriasis Treatment To Prevent Recurrence

Beijing Meidi Psoriasis Treatment To Prevent Recurrence,PsoriasisPsoriasis is a stubborn disease, which is listed as a world's important research topic in the dermatology field. According to the survey, the incidence rate of psoriasis account for 0.1%-35% of the world population. Since 2007, China has 458 million people suffer from psoriasis. Psoriasis is recurrent which bring patients great distress. How to deal with recurrent psoriasis? Beijing MeiDi Chinese medicine dermatology experts said the choice of scientific and effective treatments is the key to avoid the recurrence of psoriasis.

Meidi apples advanced therapy to suppress psoriasis recurrence

Beijing Meidi Chinese medicine dermatology expert say that psoriasis is a recurring problem, we apply O3 psoriasis rehabilitation system, which is a ideal treatment. This therapy combines molecular genetics, cell disease science, biophysics and medical psychology and the other subjects, including blood purification, iontophoresis, light therapy, hydrotherapy seven Chinese and Western treatments. This therapy starts from the root of the disease and based on the attack feature to use the combined treatments of Chinese and western treatments to effectively avoid the recurrence of psoriasis.

Blood purification to treat psoriasis from its source

Beijing Meidi Chinese doctor pointed out that the main reason of recurrent psoriasis is blood heat, dryness, blood poisoning. The hospital introduce the advanced blood purification equipments from Germany. This device can function on various blood membrane proteins of bacteria and viruses surface, denatured, viral cell DNA is damaged, resulting in cell division is stopped until death, to purify the blood and remove blood poisoning. After purifying blood and reinforcing blood into the patient body to adjust the patient body.

Iontophoresis maintain the dynamic balance of immune system

Using advanced US technology to ionize drugs in aerosolized form, through the expansion of the skin pores and capillaries to accelerate blood circulation, so that the drug absorption can through the skin surface into the blood stream. It can reduce the damage of drugs on liver, kidney and promote promote cell metabolism and division. By promoting systemic circulation, meridianpass, it can directly reach skin source, toxic waste and other products to force tem evil out by human perspiration. The iontophoresis can adjust blood, dredge the meridians and maintain homeostasis of the immune system.

It is not enough, we can also apply the light treatments and other treatments to treat psoriasis from the disease source, we try to prevent the recurrence of the disease and there get a good effect. If you still have any probelm or just want to know about the new treatment, you can send to, or you can just talk with our doctors directly.


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