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The Chinese Medicine And Therapy For Psoriasis

The Chinese Medicine And Therapy For Psoriasis,PsoriasisPsoriasis is a common skin disease, we can treat with Chinese therapy. The Chinese treatments in common in China, it has the a medical history for long tine as well as the ancient Chinese culture. The Chinese medicine and therapy are different from the modern treatments and medicine.

If you have tried the Indian treatments and herb medicine, you will be easy to understand the Chinese medicine. The psoriasis and the other kind of disease all have the causes, and the treatments based on the casues and patient’s condition, the symptoms will disappear.

The Chinese treatments and medicine is not to symptoms, it is to adjust the immune system and your body. The Chinese medical theory treat the whole body as a system which is related to the nature that has the rule. The five elements from nature, such as the gold, wood, water, fire and soil. The human body has the five internal organs of heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney. The five elements from nature has the relative relation with each other. The five internal organs also have the relation with each other.

The Chinese doctor can throw watch the color of your skin and symptoms, the smell of you, ask your condition and medical history and touch your pules to diagnose what kind of disease you get, and can find out which internal organ disorders.

The Chinese medicine and treatment to treat psoriasis should also find out the causes and the symptoms to decide which type and stage your psoriasis is.

And the whole body is a system, so when the internal organs disorder, there will produce some inflammatory factors in blood, then because the blood inflammatory factor, your skin will show the symptoms will show on your skin.

So in Chinese treatment theory, we should treat the disease start from the internal organs and blood, finally the skin problem will disappear. And the medicine should choose the safe and long term herb medicine. The treatment is to adjust your immune system and based on your own condition.

There are many recovery cases without recurrence for years, and we know that many doctor should have told the psoriasis can’t cured. But what kinds of treatments they give you, normally it is the cream, ointment and pills, which is local skin treatment which won’t starts from the causes.

The Chinese medicine and therapy is to adjust your body and have long term effect, if you want to a further knowledge, you can send your problem to, or you can talk about the problem with our online doctor, so we can give you a professional solution.


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