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What Side Effects May Caused by Cyclosporine

Side Effects May Caused by Cyclosporine, PsoriasisAny kind of medicine has double sides, the positive and negative side. Of course, the medicine should has a treatments effects for the patients. And the sides effects we should try to avoid and decrease is to the least as far as possible. The side effect we should pay attention to or try to know about what they really include.

Sine the clinic usage of cyclosporine, there are some side effects of it:

The kidney damage( 10%-50%),



Hairy skin(15%-40%)

Gingival hyperplasia(10%-30%)

A variety of infections(15%-30%) and so on.

In the first 4 weeks of the treatments,you should test serum creatinine, urea nitrogen as well as blood pressure per week, then once per month.

The patients who receive cyclosporine treatments have a potential risk to get skin cancer, so the patients should avoid the same time usage of UVR and PUVA treatments. We should get the advice from the doctors before we intake it firstly.

The external symptoms are similar for every psoriasis patient, actually there are many kinds and the therapies vary from people to people. If you want a further knowledge, you can consult the online doctor.


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