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The Best Therapy For Acute Psoriasis Vulgaris

The Best Therapy For Acute Psoriasis Vulgaris,PsoriasisThe acute psoriasis stage is the stage the skin lesions developed fast stage. The basic features are the new skin lesions symptoms of psoriasis continue appear, and the original skin lesions expand usually the inflammatory symptoms turn more obvious. It is usually bright red, covered in loose and silver-white scales, some patients will feel itching.

In acute stage you can choose a therapy to treat the disease. You may have tried the cream, ointment and pills, but it is only a temporary effect. And when you stop using it, the condition even get worse than before. But for the emergency condition, it is a good solution to ease the pain and itching.

In traditional Chinese medicine opinion all disease include psoriasis and other types of skin disease, the cause is in the blood, there are the blood toxin (in western medical opinion it is the inflammatory factors), the root is the internal organs’ disorder, and finally the symptoms show on the skin. The best treatment is to treat from the inside of the body to the outside. But normally we only treat the skin symptoms, the causes and the internal organs disorder and the source of the disease still in your body. So it is the risk, the disease will occur again and again.

Based on treatments effects and the recurrence of the disease, Beijing Meidi Skin Disease Hospital try to resolve the two problems. The export group combined the traditional Chinese theory and the western medicine and the advanced medical facilities to remove the blood toxin and adjust the immune system and stop the internal organs so produce the blood toxin. The effects are pretty obvious. It is a combined therapy of TCM as well as the western medicine, and it is also a detox treatment. 3 days can show obvious, it has resolve the cream and hormone medicine problem to show side effect from a long term effects.

So it take the herb medicine without side effects and it is to detox. As a treatment to treat from the cause, you pay attention the triggers in daily life, it can prevent the recurrence in long term.

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