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Traditional Chinese Medicine And Therapy For Psoriasis Vulgaris

Traditional Chinese Medicine And Therapy For Psoriasis Vulgaris,PsoriasisThe psoriasis vulgaris is a common skin disease order with a strong itching condition on your skin and show the scaling condition. The skin occur red rashes covered with silvery scales. The psoriasis vulgaris is common.

You should have tried many different treatments, but the recurrence bother you again and again. The used treatment has only a temporary effect, but you used the treatments are only function on the skin, but never from the causes, so the effects are short time.

We advice you a new and safe treatment to treat your psoriasis vulgaris. In China, the psoriasis is a common skin disease, and we have a good and effective treatment to find out the cause in blood and to remove the blood causes.

Beijing Meidi TCM Skin Disease Hospital, more than 10 skin exports through many years’ study. Professor Jin Zuyu, the State special allowance dermatologists who is the director of dermatology of Beijing Hospital Ministry of Health, a researcher of geriatrics Institute of Ministry of Health, Beijing MeiDi Hospital chief psoriasis expert.

The traditional Chinese medicine can have medical bathe to show the effects.

The main medicinal effect is from the skin to the inside of skin. The heat let drug penetrate into the skin cause to achieve the purpose of treatments.

Medical bath can let the drug absorbed by the skin surface into the systemic circulation, reach the internal organs. When the patient body is immersed in medical bath, which has medication effect and physical effects of hyperthermia and spa.

The high concentrations of the drugs with effective ingredient gently penetrate to the stratum corneum membrane, the hair follicles, sebaceous glands, sweat nozzle, etc. So it can remove the blood toxin and stop the itching condition.


The traditional Chinese medicine is mainly the herb medicine, maybe you have tried some of the medicine, but it is only the temporary effect. But the traditional Chinese medicine is different from the pills. It is to treat from the cause and remove the blood toxin and adjust your immune system and internal organs function.

Different patients has the different symptoms pf psoriasis. If you still want a further knowledge about the treatment, you can consult the online doctor, or you can send your problem to, so we can give you a favor and hope we can ease your condition. And the proper treatment and the prevention to the daily life is significant.


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