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The Complications And New Therapy For Psoriatic Arthritis

The Complications And New Therapy For Psoriatic Arthritis,PsoriasisPsoriatic arthritis is a severe type of different types of psoriasis. And if psoriatic arthritis lasted for years, the skin lesions will get worse, and you are pain. What’s more, there will show some side effects of the simple treatment of cream or hormone medicine. And long term without professional treatment, there will show some of the complications.


Psoriatic arthritis can be complicated by muscle disuse consumption and idiopathic consumption, gastrointestinal amyloidosis, aortic insufficiency, myopathy, Sjogren's syndrome and ocular inflammatory changes.

The new treatment: 360 degree removing toxin treatment for psoriasis

First of all, we should know about the normal treatment you will or have used.

1. General treatment

Have proper rest, avoid fatigue and joint damage, and note joint functional exercise. To avoid tobacco, alcohol and spicy foods.

2. Medication

There are many medicines for psoriasis, and some of medicine do have a fast effect. When it is a emergence, you can take it as a solution. And there are also the herb medicine to treat your psoriasis. It may take you a period of time to show the effect, but the effects are pretty good.

3. Surgical treatment

Surgical treatment, such as arthroplasty which can be used to the other joint deformity patient with dysfunction symptoms.

4. The Chinese therapy: 360 degree removing toxin treatment for psoriasis

It is a new Integrated TCM And Western Psoriasis Treatment, no surgery or too much hormone medicine. It is different from the used treatments. The normal treatments are to treat the areas where you get the disease. But the 360 degree removing toxin treatment for psoriasis is different, because it is not directly to treat your skin lesions. It is a treatment to treat from the internal side to the external side. But usually the treatments you have used is from the external side.

The new treatment treat from the inside starts because the traditional Chinese medicine think the cause of disease is in the blood, the root is the internal organs disorder, and then the inside system disorder will lead the skin show the symptoms on your skin. But the treatments you used didn’t treat from the cause. If we treat from the cause and pay attention to the diets. There are many recovery cases without recurrence for years. The new treatments need 3 days can show obvious effects.

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