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A Medical Bath Therapy For Your Psoriasis From China

A Medical Bath Therapy For Your Psoriasis From China,PsoriasisBecause Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease, which is easy to occur again and again for most psoriasis patients that causes great harm on physical and mental health. For this characteristic of psoriasis, some patient have tried everything, such as natural treatment, diet therapies and so on. Today Beijing Meidi TCM Skin Disease Hospital tell you a medical bathe treatment for your psoriasis.

Steam bath therapy is the traditional Chinese medicine therapy which is an important part of traditional Chinese medicine fumigation therapy. The earliest Chinese medical book contains 9 kinds of steam bath therapy. Chinese stem bathe therapy is a treatment to use a large dose of medical materials to boiled into soup, then there will produce steam which can be used to treat disease. The steam can reach the skin lesions, promote the sweating, heal disease and stop itching.

The Chinese ancestors has realized that the oral medicine can also show the effect through bath steam to reach. Steam treatment facility mainly apply the physical heat and the absorption of traditional Chinese medicine to remove blood stasis, anti-inflammatory and stop pain. Chinese steam bath therapy can let the skin touch drug. The oral drugs can irritate the oral mucosa, gastrointestinal and so on. So the steam bath can reduce liver and kidney burden. In the same time, it makes the treatment a bath enjoyment and let the medicine is not bitter, let the therapy becomes a enjoy.

There are some prevention

1.You should better carry out the medical bath under the guidance of professional doctor.
2.Half hour before or after meals, the treatment is not proper.
3.Severe heart disease, hypertension, pregnancy and menstrual period women shouldn’t get the medical therapy.
4.In winter, after you get the treatment, you should keep warm.

The traditional Chinese medical bath therapy is different from the used tar or oil therapy. It is the herb medicine that boiled as soup combined with hot water, the steam of the medical steam can promote your skin to detox and the skin condition can get better, and the herb medicine can also be made into oral medicine. But the tar or oil can’t be the oral medicine, so the effect of medical bath is more obvious.

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