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The New Treatments For Your Scalp And Nails Psoriasis

The New Treatments For Your Scalp And Nails Psoriasis,PsoriasisThe psoriasis can attack any areas of your body, but the treatment for some of the special areas with psoriasis are difficult to show obvious effects, such as your nails and scalp psoriasis. Firstly we know about the symptoms on scalp and nails psoriasis.

Scalp psoriasis symptoms

As is a common skin disorder, scalp psoriasis can cause raised, reddish, and scaly patches. In the same time, which may pop up a single patch or several, and may affect the entire scalp with the symptoms. What’s more, it can spread to forehead, your back and neck even behind the ear. Some severe scalp psoriasis patients also with the hair loss condition. Most doctors think it can come from your immune system which causes your skin cells to grow too quick and then build up into patch. You are with a big risk to get this psoriasis once it runs in family.

If you are suffer from your nail psoriasis, you can see these changes in the fingernails even your toenails.

The symptoms of nails psoriasis

Color change. The color may turn green, yellow, even brown. The nails can also have little red or white spots underneath.

Your nails can get ridges and grooves, or pitting on the nails. Some of the nails psoriasis with chalky white materials can gather under nails, which cause it to lift away from the your skin. It is painful.

About a third of psoriasis people can get fungal infection that may cause the nails to turn thick, which can also become brittle and break.

The nails can loosen or separate from your nails bed. Some of these nail changes can make it hard to move your fingers and toes. You may also get tenderness and pain in your nails. This can make it hard to do things with your hands.

When you get the scalp psoriasis or the nails psoriasis, you tried any treatments such as cream, ointment and medicine, but the effects are normally temporary effects. And for the nails condition, your treatments may show slow effects or no effect at all.

The psoriasis show the symptoms on skin, but the causes are in blood, maybe you have used some of the detox treatments or just know about the treatment from here. For the special areas with psoriasis, we treat with the combined treatments of traditional Chinese medicine and the western treatments, with the herb medicine to prevent the recurrence.

The main theory is to detox and the effects are obvious, 3 days can show obvious effects to remove the blood toxin with the advanced medical facilities in the world. The new treatment is called 360 degree removing toxin to treat psoriasis.

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