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Five Internal Organs’ Functions And The Psoriasis Treatments

Five Internal Organs’ Functions And The Psoriasis Treatments,Psoriasis TCM take cares of the functions of internal organs and the disease changes of the five organs, such as heart, liver,spleen,lung and kidney. Here are the function of the five organs.


Heart can product blood, which is the mater of human being. Once the function lose of heart, or suffer some irritations or get some disease, you may occur the palpitations, sleep loss or forgetful condition. Once the heart gets some problem, it will influence the other organs’ function and appear disorder.


Liver reserves blood. Once you get emotional irritation, the liver function will be influenced, you will become angry and headache. It is has special function for the females.


It can transfer the life-sustain nutrition to the whole body. If this organ disorder, you may have the swelling symptom after taking food, the muscle will be influenced too. It also has the function to your body’s water, such as constipation, skin swelling.


Lung functions the air in body. It can occur coughing, wheezing condition, one the lung disorder. The short of air, language without power are all related to lung.


It has a positive function to people’s energy. And kidney has the function to remove toxin in human body.

The Five internal organs is a whole system, and them influence each other. The psoriasis treatments from the TCM aspect, we also adjust the internal organs’ function. It is a treatments from the internal side to the external side treatment.

When our immune system is normal work, our treatments on skin can also be improved. If you only treat the skin, and the skin can be improved, but it can’t be cured. Only you treat the disease from the cause, the disease can prevent the recurrence.

The external symptoms are similar for every patient, actually there are many kinds and the therapies vary from people to people. If you want a further knowledge, you can consult the online doctor or send us email to, we can give you a professional solution.


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