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Physical Therapy Of Psoriasis

Physical Therapy Of PsoriasisPsoriasis is a common chronic inflammation skin disease which is easy to rekapse, it is mainly characteristiced by the lesion of red papules or plaques overlying a multi-layer silver white scales

There are many therapies for psoriasis , but here are a very common therapy called Physical therapy, it is mainly used for a large area of the skin affected body which is not convenient for patientsto apply medicine, or medicine treatment effect is not ideal.

When it comes tothe physical therapy of psoriasis, they are as following:

ultraviolet radiation, sun bath, mineral bath, photochemical therapy (PUVA), etc.. The ultraviolet therapy is mainly used in the treatment of psoriasis which wavelength range is 290 ~ 400nm, it is also medium wave and long wave ultraviolet radiation. Psoriatic lesional skin have lots of silver white scales, after getting ultraviolet radiation treatment , the skin lesions are shedding, it gets back to smooth skin, but apart from the some local reaction. Meanwhile UV irradiation can also regulate endocrine function, enhance the body metabolism, improve immune function. So as to the treatment of psoriasis with ultraviolet rays, it often has a good curative effect. Ultraviolet treatment of psoriasis, can be used alone, but it can also used with other physical therapy, such as mineral spring bath, coal tar oil bath, sunbathing, the curative effect is better.


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