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The Skin Biopsy and External Drugs for Psoriasis Patients

The Skin Biopsy and External Drugs for Psoriasis Patients,Psoriasis Generally, the features of psoriasis are obviously, so the doctors can make a diagnosis form these rashes symptoms. But the expressions usually differ from the individuals which are not that typical this increase the difficulty of the tests. There are many parts can occur symptoms which may similar to the other diseases’ expressions that can make a wrong diagnosis. For these untypical patients, they should have skin biopsy to have a pathology examination to exclude the possibility of other diseases.

The main process of skin biopsy through a scalpel, rotating cutting means, to get a small piece of skin lesions, and then wrap it with paraffin and cut t into very thin slices, to observe subtle lesions under a microscope. Analyzing these characteristic changes in cell level , which help determine the different diseases. In this process, there are usually professional doctors to host.

There are some psoriasis patients who can’t be diagnosed by the outer symptoms, the skin biopsy can be an important supplement method. The doctors usually accord to the results of the method to give a final diagnosis. This method with little harm and influence on patients daily life, so it is accepted widely.

The external drugs of psoriasis

There are a great number kinds of external used medicines. When the external used drugs are applied, we should also take the patients’ age, gender, disease condition, disease type, lesion parts of skin, response to the drug and so on to consideration. Then to choose the proper drugs.

In a detail information, if the areas of skin lesions are relatively small and locale in come parts, the patients should take the external used medicine mainly. If the skin lesions are generalized , radical development skin lesions, we should also take the internal used drug, drug bath, irradiation to have comprehensive treatments. For the active stage psoriasis, we usually take the drugs with little stimulation such as, glucocorticoid and immunomodulator to avoid the further step of lesions.

For the relative stable chronic skin hurts, we can the vitamin A acid ointment, vitamin D3 and so on to let the skin condition be control and remove the condition. For these diseases erythrodermic psoriasis, pustule psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis mainly apply the internal used drugs, and the external used drugs should with low stimulation protective drugs to keep the skin moist and decrease the desquamation such as, vaseline, glycerin and mineral oil. The skin lesions on head usually adopt external lotion or liniment.

The faces lesions can externally use weak effects hormonal ointment, the body hands and feet should take the middle effect hormonal ointment or calcipotriol.

The external symptoms are similar for every psoriasis patient, actually there are many kinds and the therapies vary from people to people. If you want a further knowledge, you can consult the online doctor.


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