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How To Treat Hair loss With Ginger For Scalp Psoriasis

How To Treat Hair loss With Ginger For Scalp Psoriasis,PsoriasisThere is a tip to improve the hair loss condition.You can cut it into pieces, and pick one to wipe on your scalp, it is very easy. Everyday you wipe twice,and each time last 20 minutes. A week is a course,and you should use the fresh ginger, not the piece exposed in the air for a long time.

The second way is to boil medlar and ginger together with water. And with water to wipe your hair and then to let the hair turn dry naturally, and you wash your hair another time after half day. If you put a small amount of salt in the water, it has the function to remove dandruff.

You can boil the water to wash your hair, in the process of boiling water you can put some pieces of fresh ginger in it. The water should be warm to wash your hair. Or you can also put the fresh ginger in the water bottle, and you use the water to wash hair.

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