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The Therapy of 360°Removing Toxin Treatments to Cure Psoriasis

Therapy of 360°Removing Toxin Treatments to Cure Psoriasis ,PsoriasisThrough many years’ clinical experience, our hospital conclude a comprehensive therapy to cure psoriasis, that is, 360°Removing Toxin Treatments to Cure Psoriasis, which can treat the disease from the root.


The illness shows its symptoms on the skin, the disease elements are in the blood, while the causes are in the internal organs. So to cure the psoriasis, we should clean the blood stasis, clear the blood toxin, and avoid the internal organs’ toxin. When the internal toxin is removed, the external symptoms can be cured.

The high energy NM tank

Our therapy apply a 360°high-energy NM tank to strongly dissolve and ablate the toxic remains adsorbed in blood vessel and the blood toxin group in blood cells.

In this process, we use a advanced medical facility to remove the toxin remain in patients body.

The usage of 03

03 is applied in the process to purify blood and excrete toxin , which reach a purpose of detoxification from the root. The molecule can decompose and combine with the toxin group, in this step, it can remove toxin too.

TCM therapy

TCM is also applied in the process, such as herbal bath, acupuncture, and five elements bath, which are widely accepted by the US to remove toxin and adjust and rebuilt the immune system.

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