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TCM Bath Therapy For Psoriasis

TCM Bath Therapy For Psoriasis,PsoriasisFunctions

Herbal bath can be a effective therapy for psoriasis, for it can promote the blood circulation, keep skin moist, decrease the scaling, itching symptoms obviously. The traditional Chinese herbal bath should boil the herb firstly, and dilute the herbal water with warm water. The bath time should be controlled to 15-30 secs per day, or once per two days. In recent years, the herb water boiled can be made into steam, the effects are improved greatly.

As an important assistant therapy, it is widely applied in clinical cases, which is suit for the big area skin lesions, a great amount scales, and itching skin patients. Especially in winter, the weather is cold and dry, the bath can improve the symptoms, with the integrated therapy of medication, the effects will be more obvious.

There are some precautions you should pay attention to:

(1) The herbal water should be diluted totally, the density of it shouldn’t be too high, avoiding further irritation of skin.

(2) The patients get infection and injury shouldn’t take this kind of bath.

(3) The water temperature shouldn’t be too high.

(4) The elderly patients and the cardiovascular patients should take herbal bath prudently. And it’s better to have a relative to company the patient in the process of bath.

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