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What is PVUA For Psoriasis

What is PVUA For PsoriasisIt is a therapy applying uv light after the intake of photosensitive drugs, which is a economic, effective treatments, less side effects assistant therapy for decades of clinical years.

This therapy usually take psoralen as photosensitive drug, then light the UVA , so the therapy is also named PVUA. Psoralen will absorb the uv light and combine with epidermal cells DNA chains’ thymine bases into light compound, avoiding DNA’s copy so block the epidermal cells proliferation. UVA has a strong penetrating capability, which can also curb the epidermal cells’ inflammation. In the same time, it can decrease the new occurrence of epidermal cell blood vessels, the local blood supply and cells proliferation decreases.

The PUVA normal therapy is oral intake 8-MOP 0.5-0.8 mg/kg, two hours later light the UVA( wave length 320-100 NM), or you can take 8-MOP bath, avoiding the oral intake side effects. If the skin lesions are small, you can also take a external usage of alcoholic solution with psoralen, then take the UVA light. Generally, the therapy can be taken 2-3 times per weeks, it should based on the patients condition to adjust.

Form 1974, Parrish reported and started applying the therapy, it is widely used in clinic cases, and won obvious effects. For the usual type psoriasis long time can’t be cured, erythrodermic psoriasis and pustular psoriasis, we can apply PVUA to treat the patients with a medication treatments can get a better effect.

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