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Psoriasis on Scalp : Causes ,Symptoms ,Diet and Treatment

Psoriasis on Scalp : Causes ,Symptoms ,Diet and Treatment,PsoriasisDefinition

Psoriasis on scalp is a psoriasis which attack the scalp where occurs red scaling and slightly raised areas and then form plaques. The scalp psoriasis may also occur hair loss, and when the disease is controlled , the hair also grow back.


There are two types s causes of psoriasis, the external and internal factors.

The internal factors includes gene. If the patient has a medical history of psoriasis, the next generation may also have the chance to get it.

The immune system disorder is a key cause. The improper intake of drugs and treatments. infection and trauma on the patients scalp.


It is disorder mainly occurs on patients scalp, sometimes it can spread to the patients’ back of neck, forehead even behind your ears. The symptoms are raised and red ,scaling patches on the scalp. When the patches grow older, which dry up and fall in clumps. The flakes are like dandruff are easy to be seen on deep clothing.


Coffee, tea, and wine which can increase the disease condition, you should get rid of them. The spicy foods you should avoid too. The healthy foods u can take more include grain (cereal,whole-grain bread, pasta and so on), fish (salmon, mackerel and sardines),vegetables and fruits,such as carrot, squash, sweet potatoes, spinach.


The therapy include medications, UV light, TCM therapy,and 360°Removing Toxin Treatments to Cure Psoriasis in our hospital.


Medication is a common therapy which is applied, patients can intake the relative medicines or injection. They can also take some medicines on the scalp to get a treatment.

UV light

It is professional treatment and common in hospital is used for psoriasis patients.

360°Removing Toxin Treatments to Cure Psoriasis

It is a comprehensive therapy in our hospital. A 360°high-energy nm tank is applied to issolve and ablate the toxin in the blood wall. The the O3 is used to pure the toxin in blood.

The external symptoms are similar for every psoriasis patient, actually there are many kinds and the therapies vary from people to people. If you want a further knowledge, you can consult the online doctor.


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