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Adolescents with Psoriasis

Adolescents with Psoriasis,PsoriasisPsoriasis is a chronic skin disorder. The adolescents may present the same clinical symptoms as adults, the skin lesions can differ in distribution and morphology. So the the adolescents diagnosis also based on the clinical features. The psychological treatments for this kind of patients is important. What’s more, this stage of patients are also associated with some comorbidities, such as hypertension, obesity, and diabetes mellitus, so the early diagnosis is significant and with more attention.


1, The attack parts appear spots rashes size like the needle-tip or mung bean size. As the illness development, the area will expand then they blend into a big plaque.

2, Silvery scales covered on the attack skin parts, when you scrape off them slightly, there will appear small bleeding spots.

3, Before the occurrence of skin lesions, the adolescents usually had the symptoms of the cold, fever, sore throat and dry throat. Then some small little spots will occur the local or the whole parts of body with a feeling of itching or not. The situation will last one week and disappear by itself. Therefore, the patients don’ t give enough attention to the symptoms.

The repeated occurrence of psoriasis leads lots of psychological burden for the adolescents. The felling of itching make the patients want to scratch the skin lesions and with improper treatments, the disease will get worse.

The great amounts of desquamation will result of lack of nutrition for the main elements of that are protain, vitamin and so on. So this stage of patients should intake enough necessary nutrition.

This disease can led to the damage of liver, kidney and other internal organs.

Little tips

The patients should keep a regular rest, take a scientific diet. The most cases of adolescents located in acute stage, the skin lesions change rapidly. The immune capability is weak of them, so the doctor and patients should care them with more attention.

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