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The Immune Disorder Of Psoriasis

The Immune Disorder Of Psoriasis,PsoriasisThe red rashes covered with silvery scales are common symptom of psoriasis. And the doctor should have told you that is a immune system disease.

What is the immune system of psoriasis?

We know that every one has immune system, and we try to do sports to increase the immune system to get a healthy condition and prevent disease. The immune system is a self mechanism to produce immune T cells and immune B cells and so on. The psoriasis patient occur many inflammatory factors that in blood and internal organs. But the psoriasis patients’ immune system is not only prevent the attack from the invaders. Because the invaders share some of the common features with self-tissue and cells. So the immune system also attacks self-tissue and cells. That is called the immune disorder.

That will show on skin disorder. The normal skin formation takes 28 days. But the psoriasis patients only take 3-8 days. The not mature skin cells pilled up on the surface of the skin. And that is the scaly and itching condition. The overact to the patient body. So the doctor can give patients some of the medicine to anti-immune.

There are inflammatory factor within patients blood. If you take some of the anti-inflammation medicine, there will show the good effects. And you can take daily bath as a home remedy. The mineral bath is batter than the simple bath daily.

You can uses some moist products to keep your skin moist.

The medicine can show a fast and obvious effect. But the effects can’t last long time. So we should treat from the real cause underneath skin. And the emotion show a great influence on the development of psoriasis. We should distract too much attention on psoriasis. A easy mood, then the condition will also get improved greatly. And we can do some of the sports to increase the immune system. The mild sports like jogging, swimming are really good for you.

If you still have further problems, you can send to for advice and consult our online doctors. The symptoms may similar, but the real cause is different. So we should treat differ from the individual stage and type.


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