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Psoriatic Arthritis : Symptoms And Medication

Psoriatic Arthritis : Symptoms And Medication,PsoriasisThis is a rare and severe type of psoriasis. And it can start from the psoriasis. It companies with psoriasis and arthritis symptoms together. Normally the patients have the psoriasis firstly, and the condition get severe. And the joints pain also occur.

The morning stiff, and deformation are common for the patients. When the psoriasis get worse, the arthritis also get worse. The psoriasis gets better, then the arthritis will also get some improvement. Firstly, the itching and dry skin can attack some areas. Some of the patients get psoriasis for long time, but they can’t get a proper treatment, then they used too much cream and hormone medicine. The condition then get further worse then develop into this type of psoriasis with joints pain. The joints are involved, then the nails of toes and fingers all may show some different symptoms. The nails can show yellow or other color, and they turn thick and cracking.

The joints areas can deform influencing the acts of the patients daily life. And it is a genetic type of psoriasis compared to the other types of psoriasis. So we should pay enough attention to the heredity. And we should also do our best to prevent the occurrence of it.

The symptoms show on the skin and joints. But the causes are underneath skin and joints. So we advice to treat disease from the blood toxin aspect. Only we remove the real cause. Then we can decrease the risks and we can have a stable condition. Or if the condition in the late stage, the doctor may advice you to use the surgery as a type of treatment. And injection is also the common treatment. But if we want a treatment from the real cause and have a long term effects, we should treat and take medication with the traditional Chinese herb medicine that can help a lot.

And it without any side effects, because the medicine is come from the nature. And it can adjust the body and immune system to prevent the other types of disease and keep a good condition.

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