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Scalp Psoriasis:Symptoms, Treatments and Complication

Scalp Psoriasis:Symptoms, Treatments and Complication,PsoriasisWhat is scalp psoriasis

Psoriasis has been a common skin disease, and about half the people who suffers from psoriasis with scalp psoriasis. From the name we can know that the attack area of scalp is on scalp. The skin lesions can show on scalp with thick and crusted plaques.

Symptoms of scalp psoriasis

The symptoms of scalp psoriasis should different the other types of psoriasis.

1. Itching and dry scalp

2. It may be mild, slight, fine scaling

3. Severe and thick white plaques

4. It can extend beyond the hairline onto the forehead, neck and around the ears

The seborrheic dermatitis symptoms and signs may look similar to psoriasis. While scalp psoriasis shows powdery with a silvery sheen, seborrheic dermatitis occurs yellowish and greasy.

Treatments of scalp psoriasis

Treatments of scalp psoriasis are often combined and rotated because a patient's psoriasis can become less responsive to medicines after repeated usage. Systemic treatments are not usually used just for scalp psoriasis but which can be used if psoriasis occur elsewhere on the body or the psoriasis is moderate to severe.

The western treatments are to used to show a fast effect. But the bother problem is that will occur later, once you stop using it, the condition will turn much worse than before.

We can try the herb medication to adjust patients body. And the treatment to treat the underneath skin causes. So there is a another treatment except western treatments.

The detox treatment from China, India with herb medication. And we can also try some of the diets changes and good habits. Keep a positive moon in daily life that can help ease the skin condition of psoriasis.

Complication of scalp psoriasis

Beside of the itching and white plaques covered on your scalp. And the most common complication is hair loss of some of the patients. So they should take care of the psoriasis condition, they also suffered from the appearance sorrow of hair loss. But if we can let the scalp psoriasis in a well controlled condition, then the hair loss condition can also be well controlled and get improved. And the hair loss condition changes with the psoriasis development. And it is possible that the hair grow back if your scalp psoriasis get a recovery.

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