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The External And Internal Causes Of Psoriasis

The External And Internal Causes Of Psoriasis,PsoriasisAll psoriasis patients show similar symptoms, but the types, stages are different base different patients. The psoriasis is a skin disorder that is a chronic condition. And the causes should also different. Now we figure out the common causes you may know or you don’t know at all.

External causes

1. Pressure. Pressure is the common triggers, and that can cause and worsen the skin lesions. So it is necessary to keep a easy and positive mind to life as well as the psoriasis disease.

2. Injury and infection. The injury can cause psoriasis. The car accident, or injury form sports even the bite of insects all can cause psoriasis. And some young adults get guttate psoriasis usually have a infection history. The injury then develop into a infection, the risk of psoriasis is increased.

3. Cold and dry weather. The weather can influence psoriasis’ development as well as onset. The cold and dry weather can let psoriasis skin lesion get worse, and the rate of psoriasis is higher a little in the cold and dry weather than the warm weather. So the patients usually get bad condition in winter. When the climate turn better, the condition also can get better.

4. Foods, make-ups and other products

The foods have a relation with psoriasis. When you eat some of the diets that the condition can get worse. And there are also some of the diets therapy for psoriasis. The make-up and products that can be used directly on skin can stimulate skin. So the usage of products that can used on skin should not contain too much chemical materials. We’d better choose some natural products.

Internal Causes

1. Immune disorder. The psoriasis patients usually have a low immune system, and the psoriasis is a chronic auto-immune disorder. The immune system overreact to the self tissues. Then there are the the anti-immune medicine to treat psoriasis.

2. Inflammatory factors. That exist in blood and internal organs. And the skin lesion can also company with inflammatory condition. The anti-inflammatory medicine can also influence psoriasis development.

3. Gene. It is a genetic psoriasis with 30% heredity in studies. Especially the psoriatic arthritis which with psoriasis symptoms as well as arthritis. The sever condition will get joints pain, inflammation even deformation of joints. And they may need injection and surgery to treat.

4. Blood toxin. Compared to the modern treatment theory. The ancient treatment in some countries with a long history. For instance, the Ancient Chinese Medical theory thought the real cause of psoriasis is in blood, the blood toxin. And removing blood toxin is also a effective and long term treatment effect.

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