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Is Psoriasis Contagious And Genetic

Is Psoriasis Contagious And Genetic,PsoriasisPsoriasis is a skin problems, the symptoms are severe when the patients in acute stage, so the others are afraid of communication with them. They are afraid of to be infected. But is psoriasis contagious and genetic?

Actually, the it is contagious or genetic? That are two problems with different feature. The answer is that the psoriasis is not contagious. So the communication and touch of psoriasis skin won’t let you also get psoriasis. The scales on rashes on skin are the symptoms of psoriasis. And we should know about the real causes of psoriasis, then we can know that if it is a contagious disease.

The causes can be divided into external and internal triggers. The external triggers include pressure, infection, injury, weather, and goods. That can causes psoriasis onset. So from the external factors we can know that the psoriasis is from your own life and experience. And there are many doctors who give treatments for psoriasis patients. But the doctors won’t get psoriasis, and everyday touch the skin of psoriasis patients.

The internal factors of psoriasis includes immune system disorder, gene, metabolism disorder, and the vitamin or trance elements and so on. So from the internal factors, we can know that psoriasis is related to gene, so that we can know that the psoriasis is genetic, and there is study show that psoriasis with a 30% heredity feature. But the contagious feature is different from heredity. The heredity means the medical psoriatic history. But the infection is the the relation of the the others who are not your family members.

And from the internal or external factors we can know that there are many causes that can cause psoriasis occur. We should know that we should have a scientific and healthy lifestyle, then we can decrease the risk of psoriasis attack.

And everybody has the risk to get psoriasis as well as the other types of disease and skin problems. Only we have a healthy physical condition and strong immune system, then we can avoid many disease, and the psoriasis can also be easy to recovery.

And there are many problems of psoriasis from tests, medication, treatments, foods and lifestyle. You can send your problems to or you can consult our online doctors for help and little tips.


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