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Tests and Diagnosis of Psoriasis

Tests and Diagnosis of Psoriasis,PsoriasisPsoriasis disease is harmful for our skin, once we suffer from this psoriasis disease. It is necessary to get a timely treatment, otherwise it would will be harmful to our health, even may cause some complications. If you are not sure whether you are suffering from psoriasis, it is necessary to do the teats and diagnosis of psoriasis.

We all don’t want to get sick, so we exercise regularly to increase their own bodies immune, then they are with relatively strong body resistance which will have some immunity to some diseases. We should heard about psoriasis, a disease with skin damage largely, we are afraid of suffering from psoriasis, then you should do psoriasis prevention.

Psoriasis is common in the medical profession, for such a disease, many people with serious fears for psoriasis, treatment is necessary. At the time, in order to let the doctor know comprehensively about your physical condition, we should do a good job of psoriasis tests.

1, Psoriasis is easy to acutely attack with chronic process, and tends to recur later. It is often associated with seasons, there is increasing tendency in winter, when the weather get warm the condition will get better. But the condition is not suit every patient.

2, Skin lesions can occur anywhere of body with symmetry condition or not. Occur in elbow, knee extensor sides and scalp. Few patients nail and mucous membrane can also be invaded.

3, In the development of psoriasis, skin lesions can show many forms. Mostly the acute psoriasis show guttate lesions with bright red color and itching skin. Still stage lesions are often patchy, map-based size and so on.

4, When psoriasis onset, firstly shows needles tip size or inflammatory papules, gradually increase as coins or more pale red infiltration spots covered with silver-white scales. Gently scraping the surface scales, there show shiny layer of reddish film, which is said as film phenomenon. Then you scrape off the film, which appear small bleeding points.

5, Psoriasis patients with secondary erythroderma are erythrodermic psoriasis. Or it starts with small pustules, and accompanied with fever and other symptoms, which is known as pustular psoriasis. With joint lesions, it called psoriatic arthritis.

These are the introductions of psoriasis diagnostic methods. If you want have a more profound understanding,you can consult the online doctor or send us email to, we can give you a professional solution and give you some simple advice.


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