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The Hands And Feet Psoriasis

The Hands And Feet Psoriasis,PsoriasisThe psoriasis can attack any areas like hands and feet. When the symptoms show on hands and feet, which show the different symptoms on such parts.

The skin will show red patches covered with silvery scales on your hands or feet. Or there will show small sport which are normally in children. The skin is dry, itching and sensitive that may bleed. And sometimes is itching, burning and soreness. When the nails are attacked too, there will have thickened, pitted rigged nails. The little joints with swollen and stiff signs.

When the psoriasis affect fingernails and toenails, which will cause pitting, abnormal nail growth and discoloration. The nail may become loose and separate from your nail bed. Severe cases can cause the nail to crumble.

The patients can only start with small areas in your hand, but you won’t get a professional treatment or advice from the the doctors, then the symptoms can spread to the feet, arms and the other areas.

The obese people and with bad life habits people are more easy to get the psoriasis, and if you also suffer great pressure form work, and drink alcohol and smoking heavily that can all trigger the onset of skin problem.

When you have suffered the disease, there will has the relative reaction in your other system. There immune system is low, but it overact to the self issue and cells. And the metabolism and secretion will also disorder, then the blood and the body will exist more inflammatory factors, then the skin may swelling and burning joints. And more inflammatory factors in your body, the more sever symptoms on your skin, like the skin lesion turn more, the silvery scales, red skin, burning sense, a strong itching and pain condition.

The hands and feet psoriasis attack you, there will cause great influences on your daily life, work and activity. So we should get the professional treatments and advice form the dermatologist. Your friends and relatives may have introduced you some cream and natural therapy for you, but the different patients will show same symptoms.

But we should know that different patients has different condition and causes, then the treatments should also different based on the different conditions. If you want a further knowledge, you can consult the online doctor or send us email to, we try our best to help you.


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