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Hand Psoriatic Arthritis Symptoms And Risks

Hand Psoriatic Arthritis Symptoms And Risks,PsoriasisThe psoriasis can attack any areas of your body like hands, fingers, trunk, arm, face, scalp, leg,feet and so on. And there are at least 4 types of psoriasis, the patients get mild symptoms of psoriasis in the early stage.

But once you delay the treatments timely, the symptoms can spread to the other areas. The worst condition is that develop into the rare and severe type of psoriasis like psoriatic arthritis. Most psoriasis patients won’t suffer the severe type of disease, just because of the improper treatments.

The hand psoriasis usually is itching and occur flush skin covered with silvery scales. When the condition get severe, the nails will also show the relative symptoms like color change and pilled nails. The psoriatic arthritis show on hand will show the arthritis symptoms on hand joints or fingers joints.

The patients suffer the psoriasis firstly on hands, then the deformation on hands is possible. And the long time you suffer from the psoriasis, the risk is bigger to spread to the other areas like arms, legs and feet.

So if you are diagnosed as psoriatic arthritis, you should get a professional treatment early. And the type of psoriasis is severe, some patients even can’t move for the swelling joints and pain.

The pain and arthritis is a aspect of it, the other aspect is that the heredity. There are 30% patients have a family history of psoriasis, especially the psoriatic arthritis is more obvious than other types of psoriasis.

The symptoms show on the patients hands, but the real causes are underneath the hand skin. So we should not only the symptoms on your hand skin, but also to figure out the real cause of the disease. If we can treat the psoriasis from the real cause, the risk to reoccur can be greatly decreased. And if we can prevent the production of the causes of it, the disease can be prevented obviously.

So we should know about your real condition and cause then give you the treatment. The psoriatic arthritis is severe that can influence your daily life and work.

So a treatments from the cause and the effects are more significant. If you still have any problems about psoriasis, you can consult the online doctor or send us email to, hoping we can help you.


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