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Different Psoriasis Symptoms Of Different Attack Areas

Different Psoriasis Symptoms Of Different Attack Areas,PsoriasisThere are many types of psoriasis, whose symptoms are also different. So we treat the psoriasis need to diagnose which type it is. The different attack areas also with different symptoms.

The psoriasis vulgaris is the most common type of psoriasis. And most patients suffer from psoriasis vulgaris. The skin is itching and dry, the red rashes covered with silvery scales. The white plaques show on skin or scalp, if the condition is severe, there will show the hair loss condition.

The psoriatic arthritis shows the symptoms of psoriasis as well as the signs of arthritis. The severe condition need surgery and the joints show deformation on joints. The skin lesions on joints are easy to remove. The swelling joints are pain, some patients even can’t move, so they need injection and surgery.

The attack areas can show on fingers as well as toes, the nails will infected by the disease, the color will change and the nails are thicken and pilled. This nail condition is also normally the psoriatic arthritis.

The psoriasis is genetic and it can spread to the other areas. Normally it stars only small area of your body skin, but you don’t think it is a big problem. And most of us just use some cream, pills and ointments to ease the skin, the condition is stopped, but later you stop using the cream. The condition get more severe, then the condition spread to other areas even the whole body.

The kid get psoriasis usually starts from a cold, then they has a infection. When the condition get better, the whole body show the psoriasis condition, itching and red dots on skin. So the kid catch a cold is not a small problem. And if the kid has get psoriasis, they should avoid catching a cold. The kid should eat more fruits and vegetables instead of beef and meat. And we parents should let children to have sports regularly.

The psoriasis is a auto-immune disorder skin problem, so we can treat from the immune system. And if you still have any problems about psoriasis or other skin problems, you can send to or you can consult our online doctors directly. There are many professional treatments for psoriasis, and if we can get a specialist treatment as well as pay attention to the triggers, there are many good recovery case without recurrence for years.


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